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We are Singapore’s premier education centre. Our Centre implements high academic standards. We utilize rigorous and systematic teaching techniques and well designed materials. At Inspire Education Centre, students will be mentored, tutored and motivated to perform better academically through our quality tuition classes and responsible tuition teachers.

Our Teachers
Our teachers are pre-screened to be suitably qualified for their particular subjects that teach. Their degrees are also verified with the respective universities. Our teachers are also required to have classroom teaching experience.

Apart from the usual tutorials and practices, our experienced teachers will equip students with the academic skills (like memory skills, organization and analytical skills etc.) to excel. Our teachers have developed tuition tutorials based on the syllabus laid down by the Ministry of Education to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of each student. Each student in our tuition class will be advised on the common pitfalls and how to develop better academic skills so that he or she can improve in a period short time with hard work.

Students’ Testimonies

Case Study: Tan Guan Zhong
A LEVEL: As in All H2 Subjects (Accepted into Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine -NTU, Imperial College London)
O LEVEL: As in All Subjects
PSLE: See YouTube testimony

Tuition Rates
Fees per course are collected on a monthly basis and no deposit is required.  New students are to pay for the 1st four lessons and registration fee.

Level Subject Class Rate (Per module of 4 lessons)* effective 1 Nov 2015
Tuition Courses for Primary (Topical/Enrichment) Annual Registration Fee: $20 (Per subject)
Primary 1 – 6 English $150
Duration per lesson:1hr 30 min Mathematics
Science (Pri 3-6)
Tuition Courses for Lower Secondary Level (Topical/Enrichment) Annual Registration Fee: $30 (Per subject)
Secondary 1 – 2 English $180
Duration per lesson:1hr 30 min Mathematics
Tuition Courses for GCE ‘O’ Levels (Topical/Enrichment) Annual Registration Fee: $40 (Per subject)
Secondary 3 – 4 English Language $210
Duration per lesson:1hr 30 min Social Studies
History (Elective)
Geography (Elective)
Additional Mathematics
Biology / Science Biology
Duration per lesson:2hr Double Maths Package
(Mathematics & Additional Mathematics)
Science (Physics & Chemistry)
Principles of Accounts $360
Tuition Courses for GCE ‘A’ Levels (Topical/Enrichment) Annual Registration Fee: $50 (Per subject)
JC 1 – 2 H1 General Paper $240
Duration per lesson:
1hr 30 min
H1 & H2 Economics
H1 & H2 Literature in English
*H2 English Language & Linguistics
Duration per lesson:2hr *H1/H2 Mathematics/Chemistry/Physics $320
H2 Management of Business
*1-1 rates apply unless there are more than 2 students per class.

Pre-requisite: Students are required to be in the same academic level as the tuition class they are applying for.Please contact us at 6345 3147 for our tuition class schedules and availability (due to limited places per tuition class).