A Parent’s Thank You Note, Subject: O Level English – A1 / Combined Humanities (Social Studies) – A2

I am writing to sincerely thank you for guiding my son, Heng Sheng, through this tough O level period. I am glad to tell you that he has scored relatively very well for both his English and Combined Humanities, and could not have done so without your help. He scored A1 for English and A2 for Combined Humanities (Social Studies).

I have come to know that you specially took the time to individually mark his home work and personally give him tips on how his work could be improved on. This has aided him in his studies tremendously, and is a good practice for a teacher to go beyond his time to coach students. Thank You.
Yours sincerely,

Lee Chin Siong
Parent of Lee Heng Sheng

~ Lee Heng Sheng, Nan Hua High School (Now in Raffles Institution)