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To the caring parent

Dear Concerned Parent

You may have reached this website because you are worried about your child’s English or humanities scores as these scores are compulsory in the computation of your child’s points for Junior College and University entry. 

Discover key strategies for your child to not just improve but love and enjoy English and the humanities.  

Why do parents and students trust us year after year?

Over the last 10 years, we have helped more than 900 students boost their grades up by 2-3 grade bands.  

Let our caring and concerned tutors help your child achieve more.

Proven track record

For something as varied and subjective as Source Based Questions for Social Studies, is it possible to score A grades? The answer is a resounding YES! It can be done. In fact, ALL our students in the combined humanities class scored As in 2015.

Students who closely follow our tried and tested methodologies and effective answering techniques can surely do so much better.

O Level Combined Humanities (Social Studies),

Before Tuition: F9 | After Tuition: A2

I am grateful for having joined Inspire and the vast improvement within a short timeframe of just 4 months!

~Fred, Beatty Secondary School

Critical Thinking Skills Impartation

Our tutors impart Critical Thinking skills, stimulate discussions and thought processes so that your child can think and assess ideas and concepts independently. Naturally your child will start to feel more confident when expressing his/her viewpoints in essays for English/General Paper, Economics, Literature, Social Studies or History.

The results simply follow naturally.


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MR HO – Social Studies / History / General Paper / Literature Specialist

(National University of Singapore – Bachelor of Arts, English Language & Sociology)

Armed with over 10 years of experience teaching hundreds of students, Mr HO motivates and carefully guides his tutees to excel in their studies. By following his advice and study methods, his students have been able to further their studies in university (be it in Medicine, Engineering or Arts and Social Sciences).

His lessons are never boring with much participation and discussion from students. He brings much insight into many contemporary issues that are discussed in classes for Social Studies, History, Literature and General Paper. He challenges his students to critically analyze issues and of course score well in their exams.



~ Saloni Swaminathan, a 2016 Inspire Education Centre student

“Mr Ho is honestly a wonderful teacher. He has gone beyond the call of duty and his guidance have brought me far. He is very patient and understanding. He never gave up on me and always have faith in my ability to succeed. Any student learning under him is definitely blessed. Thank you Mr Ho!”

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MS CHEW – English Language/Linguistics/Literature Specialist

(National University of Singapore – Bachelor of Arts, English Language & Literature in English)

MS CHEW has over 8 years of experience teaching English & Literature. She equips her students with the necessary analysis and criticism skills they need to tackle tough English comprehension questions easily and interpret meaning in text. Her classes give students an understanding of Writer’s Craft in poetry, prose and drama. She empowers her students to craft critical and apposite essays.

H2 Literature Before Tuition: B  After Tuition: A 
~ Adeline – Accepted into National University of Singapore
“Inspire Education Centre provides useful notes and essays that are greatly useful for my revision. The feedback I received from the tutors also helped my revision for Literature. “

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MR NG – Economics / Management of Business Specialist

(University of London – Bachelor of Science, Hons in Economics and Management)

Mr NG shares his love for the world of economics, business and finance with his students being a financial industry professional of more than 15 years. Mr NG has over 9 years of experience in teaching Economics. Students feedback that he is great with spotting exam questions and explaining how economic theory is applied to real world issues. Students gain much insight into the financial world through his insightful and up-to-date perspectives. His 2016 A levels class of H1 Economics students attained 100% A grades. His 2015 A levels class of H1 Economics students attained 100% B grades.

H1 Economics, General Paper, H2 Physics Before tuition (from U and S grades)
After Tuition: H1 Economics – B, General Paper – B, Physics – B
~ Ng Guan Wei, a 2015 student has been accepted into Nanyang Technological University

“Thank you for the guidance and help for the past year! I am grateful to the teachers here for the big improvement in grades. Thank you very much! I can finally enter NTU Business which is my course of choice. “

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MR CHEN –H2 History Specialist

(University of Oxford – Master of Studies in Global & Imperial History and National University of Singapore – Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) History)

MR CHEN is passionate about History and its real world applications in making sense of the globalised world that we live in presently. His in depth understanding of world economies in relation to historical events and perspective is invaluable. Students get a paradigm shift in their perspective of history as a subject. MR CHEN focuses imparting essay crafting skills and understanding of arguments that helps students essays stand out.

H2 History, Before Tuition: D | After Tuition: A
~ Harini, Temasek Junior College
Thank you so much. You made History so much more manageable and the studying tips really saved me. 

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MR YONG – H2 Physics and H2 Mathematics Specialist

(The University of Oklahoma – Master of Science – Electrical Engineering)

MR YONG has over 20 years of experience lecturing and tutoring. He is always ready to help whenever his students need assistance with problematic physics/mathematics tutorial questions from their JCs or they need to clarify their concepts.

MR YONG is also the author of “Getting to Grips with Maths Formulas” a Mathematics guidebook published by Pearson Education (Longman) Limited